How To Use FlexPatent

How to Use FlexPatent

Welcome to FlexPatent. This software is designed to help you draft a better patent application by helping you find errors, inconsistencies, and help you while you work. The following will help you use our software.

NOTE: FlexPatent is a patent error checking platform and should NOT be relied on as a substitute for your own review, and legal expertise. We recommend you retain a patent attorney to review all of your patent matters.

If you have any feedback or questions, please email us at:

Get Started

Adding FlexPatent to Microsoft Word

FlexPatent can be installed as an add-in for Microsoft Word on almost any computer including PC and MAC. Navigate to “insert” in the Microsoft Word Ribbon, click “my add-ins” and then search for “FlexPatent”. In one click you can install the add-in and get started.

If you would like illustrations of how to install a Microsoft Word add-in, please read this from our friends at How to Geek.

Starting FlexPatent

After you have installed FlexPatent, you can use the software anytime by clicking “Flex Patent” in the ribbon.

Logging In To FlexPatent

Once you clicked the “Flex Patent” icon (see Starting FlexPatent above) you will be greeted with login information.

If you don’t have login information yet, head over to and sign up (or click here)! You will be granted access within 48 hours - please pay attention to your inbox.

Select a File: Draft Or Open A Patent Matter

FlexPatent is designed to work for specific documents. You must use a patent application and/or office action response for the program to work.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: USE A SHELL GENERATOR SERVICE and upload premade shells of office action responses and patent applications

FlexPatent Tabs

FlexPatent is organized into tabs. You must select the appropriate tab dependent on the legal document you are using. Select “App” if you are working on an application. Select “OA” if you are working on an office action response.

In each tab are several sub-tabs, explained below.

App Tab

The “App” tab, short for “application” is useful for checking various elements and aspects of a patent application. The below details the various options and tools available for proofing your patent application.

REMINDER: The program is only designed to function for formatted patent applications. Please use a template or generated application shell for best results with the various functions below.

Claims Section

After you login you will be greeted with various tools you can use. Such as the claims section. Select the claims section from the sub tabs (explained above).

Tip: For best results, navigate in the document to your first claim.

Analyze Once

Click the green button to analyze the claims:

Once you have clicked the green button, claims will be analyzed in your document. You may see some errors like this:

Highlights to your claims correspond to the errors on the right.

At any point you can click the blue “go to” arrow to jump to that exact error in your document.

You can click the yellow bell for some errors to remove the error from your document.

Analyze Live

You can click the blue analyze live button to analyze the claims (as described in the Analyze Once).

When you click the blue button to analyze the claims live, similar functions occur to the Analyze Once button above. However, the claims are analyzed at intervals of time.

This feature is useful if you are drafting editing to your claims and want any errors to automatically be removed.

IMPORTANT: Click the “analyze live” button again to turn off the live analysis. If you leave the “analyze live” button on, it can slow down your work on the document and/or lead to errors.

Remove All Highlights

Remove all highlights removes from the document any highlights. We recommend clicking this button to remove all highlights after reviewing the errors found.

Specification Section

Click over to the “Specification” section and you can analyze the specification of your patent application. You have a green button to analyze the specification and a blue button to generate a popout of the element table.

Analyze the Specification

To analyze the specification of a patent application, select the “Specification” tab.

Under the specification tab, there are three options to analyze the specification.

Element Table Button

In order to analyze the specification for errors, you can click the “element table” button (the blue button). By clicking this button, FlexPatent will find all terms and assigned element numbers in the document. All terms and element numbers are generated as an “element table”.

You can always click the blue “+” button below the element table to manually input any additional terms and element numbers that you believe are necessary.

If there are any errors in the specification, such as too many words in the abstract or any patent profanity, the program may warn you with a pink highlighted notification (shown above).

Clear All Highlights Button

You can at any time click the yellow button to remove any highlights in the document.

Format Section

If you click the “Format” tab you will be greeted with the following screen:

There are several options for the format checker.

Double Space After Every Sentence

This option will format your document, applying two spaces at the end of every sentence. Select this option and click “Next” to fix your document.

Single Space After Every Sentence

This option will format your document, applying one space at the end of every sentence. Select this option and click “Next” to fix your document.

Consistency Checker

This option will ensure that certain terms, such as the various abbreviations and reprsentations of “Figure” are consistent throughout the document. Select this option and click “Next” to fix your document.

Font Checker

Only certain fonts are allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office when filing a patent application. Select this option to ensure that the formatting throughout the document is consistent and in line with the U.S.P.T.O. requirements.


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