Our Philosophy


Error analysis should be simple to use, so you don’t waste time. Our software uses a simple user interface of highlighted errors, that can be easily removed, reviewed, or addressed.

Get Live Feedback.

Focus on correcting critical patent errors with our live patent checking. Errors are shown as you make changes, allowing you to spotlight and correct mistakes as you make them.

See Mistakes In-Line.

FlexPatent places all mistakes right in the patent application/office action as highlights and in a sidebar. Intuitively discover mistakes right where the focus should be - the text of the document.

Keep It Simple, Lite, and Powerful.

Using simple, effective, and intelligent algorithms, we find mistakes in your application without using excessive system resources.


FlexPatent Platform

Integrated with your patent prosecution workflow.

Our Philosophy

Designed For Your Patent Prosecution Workflow.

FlexPatent is with you as you draft. The program brings powerful tools alongside you as you draft office action responses, and patent applications. Discover errors in-line and live, all without freezing Word. Our intuitive interface works on both Mac or PC. With over 20+ features and more in development - FlexPatent is your tool to raise your patent prosecution workflow.